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EXCEL is an organophosphorous broad spectrum insecticide which is largely used to control many insects which are harmful for agricultural crops, plants, trees & the forests all over the world. It controls soil insects such as rootgrub (whitegrub), termite, Cutworm & hibernating insects very effectively. It controls sucking and chewing insect as well. It provides three way protections via. Contact, stomach & fumigation. It is also used as  seed treatment & root dip treatment to the nursery plants before transplanting.


Dose : 500 ml per acre dose for the control of the sucking and chewing insects in cotton and paddy crops &. 1200- 1500 ml dose per acre for the control of pod borer. 3-4 ml per kg of seed for Wheat seed treatment while 15-30 ml per kg of seed for Gram.


(Chlorpyriphos 20 % EC)