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MIL-WEED is selective post emergence systematic herbicide in the phenoxy-carboxylic acid group used in turf and in no-till field crop production. It is good safe and wide spectrum weedicide for the control of broad leaf weeds (Bathua, Hirankuri, Krishnanil, Gajari, Pyaji.) in monocot crops like wheat, paddy, surgarcane, etc. Effectively controls the weeds like Chenopadium (Bathua), Fumeria, Meliolitus of wheat.


Dose : 500 to 800 ml in 50 to 60 liters of water for Wheat, 1400 to 2100 ml in 200 liters of water for Sugarcane, 1000 ml in 160 to 180 liters of water for Maize & Paddy, 1200 ml in 160 to 180 liters of water for Jower, 3000 ml in 280 to 400 liters of water for Aquatic weeds. (Direct soray on foliage).


(2,4-D Ethyl Ester 38 % EC)