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1. SAMRAT is Bio-Extract base herbal pest controller having spectrum of application & effectively controls all the type of insects including chewing pest, cutting pest, sucking pest & all the borers etc. 2. Samrat is a herbal extract base pest controller thus, it is environment friendly & hermless to human and helpful pests of the crops. 3. Samrat controls the insect infestation in cotton, paddy, oil seeds, vegetables & other horticulture crops.


Dose : 1. Depending upon the degree of infestation, samrat may be sprayed@ 250-500 ml per acre, mixed with 150-200 Ltrs of water. 2. For effective control of roots borers & stem borers, Samrat may be brought cast by mixing with sufficient quantity of sand or ferilizers@350-500 ml per acre.


(Bio Pest Controller )